Solve Insomnium's Anno 1696 quiz and be rewarded with an exclusive track by track and a sneak peek to each song of the upcoming album!

You can find the answers in Insomnium's new music videos, on the bands Instagram channel and on the Spotify profile!

Which is the name of the main female character?

Which creature is part of the story?

What is the name of the wolf in the music video for “Lilian“?

Which historical events is “Anno 1696” based on?

What is the name of the witch hunter in the story? Hint: He is in the video for “White Christ (feat. Sakis Tolis)“?

Johanna Kurkela is singing on “Godforsaken”, it is the ?? time that Insomnium features female vocals?

Which other band is co-headlining the upcoming US tour in April of 2023?

Tour Dates

Congratulations! You solved the Insomnium Anno 1696 quiz and shall be rewarded with a Track By Track and sneak peek to each song of the album. Enjoy.

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